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Justice  & Governance in Eastern Afghanistan

July 2012-July 2014

In July 2012, the Liaison Office started focusing on the revivification/establishment of formal-informal dispute resolution bodies, dubbed Commissions on Conflict Mediation (CCMs), in the eastern provinces of Paktia, Khost and Logar. The Khost CCM has operated continuously since 2007, the Paktia CCM off and on since 2008, and the Logar CCM was a new initiative. In addition to the three provincial CCMs, TLO also facilitated the establishment of a Regional CCM (RCCM), made up of representatives from the three provincial CCMs.

Throughout a two-year time-span, the objectives of the project have been to revive/ establish and support CCMs at both the provincial and regional level to resolve major resources disputes and work closely with community leaders in reducing conflicts. Engaging with respected elders already known to TLO, civil society leaders, and relevant government officials, TLO, in each target province, established a transparent process to select 20 persons to form a body comprising traditional elders, local religious leaders, women’s and minority representatives and other individuals that can contribute to the enduring resolution of disputes.

Each provincial CCM is balanced to reflect that province’s tribal and ethnic makeup helping to ensure province-wide reach and promote collaboration. Each has also met regularly with its respective provincial government, both benefitting from, and complementing, government dispute resolution efforts. Numerous CCM cases have received government registration, and each provincial government has reviewed the majority of CCM decisions in its province for compliance with Afghan statutory and Sharia law – and found them compliant.

Between July 2012 and July 2014, the CCMs have resolved more than 100 disputes, including disputes decades old, and that have resulted in the loss of human life. They have also addressed a number of women’s disputes, including upholding women’s rights to divorce and inheritance under the Sharia.

At the regional level, the RCCM is composed of 21 members (seven from each province of Logar, Khost and Paktia) and addresses inter-provincial issues and cases. The regional CCM is also involved in the development of policy inputs and recommendations at the national level, offering local insight on Kabul-level decision making, and promoting best practices in dispute resolution throughout eastern Afghanistan.